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Fertility, Pregnancy: Quality of NATALINE Femme

What differentiates folic acid from NATALINE Femme from other folic acids

NATALINE Femme contains a folic acid whose form is biologically more assimilated and more active than a standard folic acid.

Why is NATALINE Woman different?

NATALINE Femme is a complete combination of vitamins and minerals whose actions have a role in the fertility and the good progress of the pregnancy.The sources of selected ingredients have been for their assimilation and their effectiveness. To these is added a powerful probiotic that has been the subject of several studies on its contribution for pregnant women.

What is a probiotic?

A probiotic contains living microorganisms (friendly bacteria, yeast ...) that have a beneficial effect on the organism that ingests them.They populate your intestinal flora and your urinary flora. We also talk about microbiota.


Where do the omega 3s from NATALINE Omega 3 come from?

Omega 3 Of NATALINE Omega 3 are derived from an oil of small wild fish type anchovies. These are fiched in fishing areas away from pollution and respecting marine life. The fishing organization is a member of the Dolphin-Safe program and a member of the "FRIEND OF THE SEA" organization.

As with olive oil, the quality of the oil also depends on the extraction method and its purity. The oil in NATALINE Omega 3 is high purity, high in EPA and DHA and naturally rich in Tocopherols, powerful natural antioxidants. This quality is confirmed in particular by the absence of taste and odor of the sofgels after ingestion.

How much Omega 3 should you take each day?

In order to expect efficiency on Omega 3 supplementation, daily intakes must be at least 250 mg of DHA. 3 softgels of NATALINE Omega 3 provide 332 mg of DHA and 504 mg of EPA

What is the interest of the NATALINE PACK?

NATALINE Femme and NATALINE Omega 3 work in synergy for a better efficiency. It was not possible to get a sufficient quantity of Omega 3 into the NATALINE Femme softgels. Santinov has chosen to propose a complementary product to offer a complete solution for the benefit of the mother and the future baby.

HELYCUT urinary tract infection

What is the microbiota?

In a simplified way, we often mean by the term microbiota all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi ...) found in our intestinal flora (or urinary) and our stomach. This flora is made up of friendly bacteria that defend our organism and play a role in the digestive, metabolic, immune and neurological functions.

What is a prebiotic?

A food has a prebiotic effect if it promotes the growth or activity of intestinal bacteria beneficial to our health.

The INULINE contained in helycut is a prebiotic

HELYCUT is a complex of prebiotic, cranberry and zinc.

Cranberry is a North American berry known for its rich antioxidants and its action on the bacteria of the intestine, stomach, and urinary sphere.

It contributes to eliminate bacteria such as helicobacter pilory or escherichia coli.

Its action is reinforced when it is associated with a prebiotic.

Inulin is a prebiotic that promotes the development of good bacteria in our body.

Zinc has many virtues, it contributes in particular to healing, the normal functioning of the immune system, protection against oxidative stress.

How should I take HELYCUT?

Helycut is to be taken at a rate of 1 sachet in a large glass of water 2 times a day in case of crisis (heartburn, cystitis ...) and 1 time per day as a preventive treatment.

Minimum duration 2 weeks