Created since 2007, SANTINOV Laboratories are specialized in the development of technical food supplements, meeting specific needs.

pOur products are developed for specific populations to respond to problems identified by healthcare professionals. Our best argument is the effectiveness of our products and this is what guides our approach.

This efficiency comes from the quality of the ingredients we select and the synergies of actions they have with each other.

Our products are designed, manufactured and controlled in France.

After the success of nutritional support for people who have undergone obesity surgery, SANTINOV Laboratories have taken an interest in the needs of future mothers.

The food supplements of the NATALINE range are intended for all women with a maternity desire and are to be taken as soon as the desire for pregnancy and for the duration of it.

Their composition has been developed in collaboration with recognized scientists and medical specialists. The ingredients of the NATALINE range have been selected for their great assimilation, their good tolerance and have been the subject of studies and publications for their benefits on fertility and maternity.

This range of very short and targeted food supplements, consists of 3 products:

NATALINE femme: a composition of vitamins, including biologically active folic acid, zinc and a powerful probiotic.

Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

Folates, recommended by most gynecologists before and during pregnancy, contribute to the growth of maternal tissues.

The probiotic strengthens the immune defenses of mothers and babies.

NATALINE omega 3: known for their virtues on the cardiovascular system, omega 3 are also necessary for the growth of the fetus.

They contribute to the development of retinal cells and are essential for its good neurological development. These Omega-3s also help the immune system of mom and baby, and thus improve their resistance to diseases.

The oils contained in NATALINE omega 3 are very pure and do not cause any unpleasant rise. They are very rich in DHA and EPA.

They are obtained from small wild fish from reasoned fishing areas and far from pollution zones, and whose producer is a member of the Dolphin-Safe program and member of the organization "FRIEND OF THE SEA".

HELY-CUT: a unique set of ingredients, cranberry and prebiotics, for the maintenance of intestinal and urinary flora of the future mother. The French Urology Association recommends coupling the use of cranberry with a prebiotic to prevent urinary tract infections.