Urinary microbiota

Hely Cut Urinaire

Set of 3 boxes of 14 sachets - free shipping
1 sachet a day in prevention
2 sachets a day in healing

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Dietary supplement for the balance of intestinal and urinary flora.

These floras are composed of beneficial microorganisms, they act as a real barrier against bacterial attacks from the outside. To develop and maintain their proper functioning they use prebiotics. . Hely Cut's inulin is one of the most effective prebiotics to stimulate the development of the intestinal and urinary microbiota. According to the French Association of Urology, new molecular techniques have made it possible to highlight the role of urinary microorganisms in a certain number of urinary pathologies. It is increasingly recommended to couple the use of cranberry with a prebiotic in the prevention of urinary infections.

Product benefits

  • 1. A unique set of ingredients
  • 2. Zinc and Cranberry for acid-base equilibrium
  • 3. Inulin, a powerful prebiotic to stimulate intestinal flora and urinary flora
  • 4. Synergistic action for reinforced microbiota (flora)

Good to know


  • Form and presentation of the dietary supplement

    This dietary supplement comes in powder form in a sachet. Box of 14 sachets.

  • Dosage and directions for use

    Initially: 2 sachets per day for 2 weeks, then 1 sachet per day one week per month. In follow-up: 1 sachet per day one week per month. Each sachet must imperatively be diluted in a large glass of water preferably before the main meals, or in 1 liter of water, to drink preferably in the afternoon.

  • Precautions for use

    A slight intestinal discomfort may appear at the beginning of the period of use, the latter disappears after a while. Not suitable for people intolerant to red fruits. It is not recommended to exceed the recommended daily dose. The use of this dietary supplement should not replace a diversified diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Reserved for adults over 15 years old.

  • Preservation of the dietary supplement

    Shelf life: 30 months.

Sucrose, Acacia Fiber Extract, Inulin Fructoligosacharides, Flavoring Agent: Raspberry Flavor, Cranberry Dry Extract Vaccinium Macrocarpon, L-Glutamine, Zinc Bisglycinate Flavoring agents : raspberry aroma


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